A helpful guide for what to wear to yoga class…

What do I wear to yoga class???

Sounds like a very simple question with a very simple answer. IF ONLY!

Is the class heated? Is it a yin class?, Bikram? Vinyasa? Nude yoga?

The short answer is – wear something comfortable comfort is key, you almost want your yoga wear to be like a second skin – because yoga is all about getting uncomfortable and learning to ‘stay there’ so your clothes need to give you the comfort you need  during those challenging moments.

Here is a breakdown of what to wear for different styles of yoga class

 1. Yin – Super slow and stretchy so not a whole lotta sweatin’You can basically show up in your onesie if you wanted to. you can wear cotton based fabrics, a sweater, long leggings or track suit pants, tanks and tees,

Here are some of my favourite looks from lululemon:

(dudes = shorts/sweatpants + tee – hoodie is optional)

2. Bikram / Hot Yoga – hot, sweaty, and slippery

Dont make the same mistake I did – avoid cotton at all costs – when you start sweating you want fabric that will moisture wick and not absorb every ounce of your sweat making you feel 10 kilos heavier. There is a saying in Bikram – the less the better – you will see a lot of glistening toned bodies wearing short shorts and bikini top bras – but I know this is not everyone’s jam so here are some of my favourites to wear in a bikram or hot yoga style class:

*fabric – look for moisture or sweat wicking on the label – lululemon is fab for this!

(dudes – shorts not top)

3. Vinyasa / Astanga – warm and will get very sweaty too

For these styles of yoga you can go a little in between  – moisture wicking is still definitely a go to – anytime there’s a chance you might sweat – just stay away from cotton. Vinyasa and Astanga practices are also quite dynamic – postures flow from one to the next, so you want your yoga attire to flow and move with you, rather then feeling like youre playing twister with a straight jacket on. I love to wear full length long leggings with funky patterns. They add a bit of fun, (and camouflage) to my practice!

*A word of warning and some sage advice* If you are going to invest in anything – invest in some good quality yoga pants – yoga class tends to be a very bendy butts in the air type of situation, and trust me you want full coverage when that fabric sretches across certain areas. I had to find out the hard way…

Breathable tanks and sports bras, my fave are tanks that have a built-in sports bra – the easier the better – one less thing to take on and off – especially when you’re soaking wet and you realise you have become ‘one’ with your funky attire!

Here are some of my favourite styles from lululemon and dharma bums:

(dudes – see Bikram/hot yoga)

Remember comfort is key, once you find your yoga style, you can go to your class with confidence, and most of all have fun with what you wear, make it you!


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